Unique Historical House in Haverhill, Massachusetts

Check out this charming home in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Built in 1920, it sits on 3.85 acres and is full of unique features. The house has a big porch that wraps around, perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the yard.

Inside, the house covers 3,090 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One of the first things you’ll notice is the grand staircase that really stands out. The floors are made of hardwood, and the ceilings are high, making the rooms feel big and open. The kitchen has lots of space for cooking and eating. There are french doors that look really nice and bring in a lot of sunlight. The ceilings have special tin and wood designs that make the house feel special. This home is great for someone who loves houses with a special touch and lots of character.

For more information, please contact the listing agent through the Zillow link provided below the photos.

Listed on Zillow

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